If you like singer-songwriters such as, James Taylor, Cat Stevens,

Dan Fogelberg and others like them from the 1970's

then you're sure to relate to

the original songs of Rick Wicker.

Rick has been a singer-songwriter for over 40 years.

During that time he has released 7 albums and has written

more than a hundred songs.

His musical stylings have evolved over time

 to include Rock, Country and Instrumentals.

He worked in the music business in Nashville for nearly 20 years.

Rick has had many songs signed by leading industry publishers.

He was chosen from thousands of songwriters to perform at the

Sue Brewer Fund Showcase sponsored by the Songwriters Guild

of America.

Rick is a recording engineer, producer and


He has published several Ideas Books for Songwriters and Lyricists.

Visit www.song-ideas.com

In addition Rick is an avid Landscape Photographer.

Select 'Photography' to see examples of his photography

or visit rickwicker.photoshelter.com